Our new showroom is now open 
inside Maritime Madness - 

570 Main Street, Montague PEI.
Monday to Friday 10-6
Saturdays 10-5

This is your new drop off location for repair
& refurbishment services as well!

All ECDC products are made from scratch to the highest standards in Prince Edward Island, Canada. They are signed pieces with our proprietary name tag cast in pewter, and carry a 2 year warranty. We also offer repair and refurbishment services.

ECDC is a drum company founded on a passion for the the creative process of designing and building percussion instruments. Much like a musician writes, plays, and performs their music as an integral part of their lifestyle, building is my creative outlet. I approach my workshop and tools with the same passion a musician approaches the stage and their instrument. 

Developing, testing, and refining products is part of the everyday process at ECDC, not a one time event. You can see this in the progress of the product line, rarely will you see a model one year that isn't even better the next. Some great designs have come out of the workshop, but there is no such thing as a design that can't be improved - so I keep it fresh.

It is an honor to have the opportunity to build instruments for musicians who have the same passion for their craft as I do mine - it's hard for me to imagine a more complimentary pairing of skill sets. If you own an ECDC product, you own a signed piece, and you know who the builder is, what his principles are, and you most likely worked directly with him to find a drum that is your perfect match. An that's the way I intend to keep it. Thanks to all those across North America and beyond who have supported my work and enabled me to do what I love. 

-Amiel Leblanc